From the Lambert office, United Airlines manages flights to various destinations. The United Airlines Lambert Office is responsible for solving booking, seat upgrades, and other travel-related queries. To connect with the United Office in Lambert, passengers can use various methods that include phone calls, emails, and in-person contact at the airport as well as the city office.

Contact Information for United Airlines Lambert Office

To connect with United in Lambert, its official phone number and email address are the available mediums.

Contact Number (For reservations, general information, award tickets):1-800-864-8331
Phone Number (TDD/TTY):1-800-323-0170

Contact Information for United Airlines Lambert Airport Office

Lambert Airport is a hub for United Airlines. At the United Airlines Lambert Airport Office, travel-related queries are handled. Be it the current status of the flight or assistance for specially-abled passengers, all these areas are addressed by the United Airport office even at the last minute. Travelers must contact them to make their travel day stress-free.

One can get in touch with this airport office in Lambert on the phone or in person using the following details:

United Airlines Phone Number for Lambert Airport:+13148901333
United Airlines Lambert Airport Office Address:10701 Lambert International Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63145

United Airlines Headquarters Contact Details

The operations of United Airlines are centrally managed at its headquarters. For crucial matters, the main office of the carrier i.e. United Airlines Headquarters can be contacted using the following details:

Headquarters Office Address:
United Airlines, Inc.
Willis Tower, 233 South Wacker Drive
Chicago, Illinois 60606, USA
United Airlines Headquarters Email

Explore the United Airlines Headquarters:

How Do You Contact the United Airlines Lambert Office?

As a passenger-friendly air operator, travelers of United are provided with multiple easy methods to connect with the teams present at the Lambert office. Using these methods, its representatives will share some useful responses and information with flyers planning to fly to/from Lambert. With a quick response time, United Airlines aims to be reliable.

  • By Calling: The official contact number (Lambert) can be dialed to get queries answered by United Airlines executives.
  • Make an Office Visit: Passengers can visit the nearest Lambert office to connect with United Airlines.
  • Compose an Email: Mails can be composed and sent to the official email address for answers from the Lambert Office.
  • Reach out to United Airlines: United Airlines can be visited to know answers to queries in person. To connect with the same, travelers can make the most out of the following contact details:

United Airlines Lambert Office Response Time

This airline aims to answer customer complaints and handle concerns as quickly as possible. When it comes to the response time, it may vary depending on the query type, complexity, and method chosen to connect with United executives in Lambert.

Usually, over calls and when the Lambert Office is contacted in person, instant responses can be received. Other mediums such as mail can take longer.

Which Complaints Does the United Airlines Lambert Office Handle?

Passengers should trust the executives of United Airlines present at the Lambert office to get their queries addressed promptly and professionally. This office provides answers to different concerns. It includes but is not limited to queries related to flight booking, canceled flights, delayed refunds, and so on.

  • United Airlines flight booking
  • Airport lounges
  • Airport transfers
  • Immigration services
  • United Airlines missing luggage
  • United Airlines Miles
  • Airport facilities
  • Valet parking
  • Ok to Board
  • United Airlines online check-in
  • Delayed and damaged baggage
  • In-flight entertainment
  • United Airlines cancellation
  • United Airlines baggage allowance
  • United Airlines duty-free allowance
  • United Airlines in-flight meals
  • Flight/visa information
  • United Airlines delayed flights
  • Airport Wi-Fi
  • Flight Wi-Fi
  • Visa services
  • Business Class
  • Economy Class
  • Visa on arrival

How to Report a Complaint to the United Airlines Lambert Office?

The well-trained members of United Airlines at the Lambert office in Illinois are known for offering expert answers to various complaints. Be it bookings or other relevant issues, these members give much-needed assistance once contacted. To establish a connection for complaints, passengers will need to share relevant details using the available online/offline mediums.

  1. Connect with the United Airlines Office:
    • Travelers can choose to email, call, or make an in-person visit to the carrier’s office in Lambert.
  2. Share the Complaint’s Details:
    • Once connected with the office in Lambert, travelers can simply share the issue.
    • Their complaints related to bookings, cancellations, refunds, etc., will be managed.
  3. Send Passenger/Flight Details:
    • The United Lambert representative will ask travelers to share some details including:
      • Passenger name
      • Booking number
      • Details related to the complaint/instance
  4. After validating the details provided, the representative will register the complaint.

Follow up on Complaints

For travelers, following up on a complaint submitted is necessary to know whether it is answered or still pending. For this purpose, they can dial the United Airlines Lambert Office phone number. 

Besides, to follow up on their complaints, travelers can also use one of the following methods:

  • Travelers can use the chatbot available on the official website to follow up.
  • Social media handles can be utilized to chat and know the status of their complaints.
  • Country-specific contact numbers can be collected from the official website for follow-ups. 

Share Feedback and Suggestions

United Airlines is a passenger-friendly air operator. Hence, through its office in Lambert, it welcomes feedback as well as suggestions for flyers. By sharing the same, flyers can help the airline and its office to make its operations/services even better. 

For providing suggestions or feedback, fliers can utilize the methods discussed below:

  • They can share their feedback/suggestions through social media channels.
  • The airline’s official website has a chatbot to send feedback as well as suggestions.
  • Fliers can share the same in person at the ticketing office in Lambert.
  • United Airlines phone number can be dialed to provide the airline with valuable feedback.

When Can I Contact United Airlines?

The timings of the Lambert office of United Airlines can vary. Depending on the arrival and departure destinations, fliers can contact United executives. In general, some city and airport offices of the carrier operate during weekdays only, while others are also open on Saturdays except for holidays.

Usually, the United Airlines office can be contacted between: 

  • Monday to Friday: 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.
  • Saturdays: 8:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M. 

Note: Every region has different timings for its offices during weekdays and weekends. Therefore, every passenger is advised to check the same before contacting.

Services and Information Provided by United Airlines Lambert Office

After connecting with the United Airlines Office in Lambert, travelers will be provided with a variety of details about the flights. In addition to this, the following tabulated details can be collected from this office:

  1. Flight Status: The current status of the flight can be known by contacting the Lambert office. With the help of an advanced system, United executives can provide detailed yet accurate information.
  2. Baggage: Be it allowance or rules for adding extra bags, the flexible baggage policy makes everything easy. Travelers can avail of luggage and related services at the Lambert office of United.
  3. Seat Assignments: United Airlines allows its passengers to choose their desired seats. However, this facility is available with certain rules. To learn about the same, travelers can choose to connect with the Lambert-based support team of this airline.
  4. In-Flight Services: To make travel hassle-free and ensure optimal in-flight experience, several services are offered by the United Airlines Office in Lambert. Whether it is in-flight food, Wi-Fi, or entertainment, fliers can grab the same during their journey.
  5. Travel with Infants/Kids: United Airlines understands the hassles involved while traveling with infants or small kids. To ensure a stress-free journey, special assistance is provided by its Lambert Office with some priority services to passengers traveling with infants, toddlers, and small children.
  6. Accessibility: United Airlines is known for its outstanding services. The same can also be availed without any obstacle. Multiple modes are offered by the airline’s office in Lambert for these services. Be it booking, cancellations, or refunds, easy methods are ensured.
  7. Refunds: With a flexible and traveler-friendly refund policy, the United Airlines Lambert Office ensures fast refunds for the requests submitted. After evaluating the submitted requests and checking the passengers’ details, refunds are initiated.
  8. Flight Reservations: With multiple flight booking options, United Airlines gives its passengers the flexibility to book tickets. Travelers can choose to book flights online i.e. official website or mobile app. For offline bookings, the Lambert Office can be contacted.
  9. Seat Upgrades: Upgrading seats with United Airlines is an easy process. It understands that comfort is the key. Hence, the Lambert Office of the carrier provides easy upgrades for seats. Depending on the travel needs, fliers can upgrade the same.
  10. Vacation Packages: Passengers can choose to book vacation packages with the United Airlines Lambert ticket office and save more. The airline provides comprehensive travel solutions including budget-friendly travel packages for many routes.
  11. Pet Travel: The travel policy for pets by United Airlines allows fliers to take their companions with them while traveling. However, they need to abide by the rules of pet travel policy. To understand these rules, guidance can be availed through the airline’s office located in Lambert.
  12. Lounge Services: The United Lounge facility is available at selected airports. Travelers with higher class tickets and elite status of loyalty programs can enjoy this facility. They can be booked by connecting with the airline’s Lambert Office.

Which Queries Does the United Airlines Lambert Office Handle?

For handling queries, the team of the United Airlines Office in Lambert utilizes its experience and skills. These members serve different travel-related needs such as flight reservations and modifications.

The queries listed below are further handled by this office with ease:

  1. Flight Reservation: The United Airlines Lambert Office helps in finding solutions to queries related to booking flights, whether domestically or internationally.
  2. Visa Documents: This office in Lambert can help in providing information on visa documents. 
  3. In-flight Entertainment: For queries related to entertainment programs available in-flight, the airline’s Lambert Office can be approached. 
  4. Immigration: The Lambert Office can clear concerns regarding immigration services, such as its process and documentation. 
  5. Business Class: When assistance related to the features of Business Class is needed, the Lambert Office can be visited. 
  6. Baggage Queries: The information on baggage dimensions, including length, width, and weight can be provided by this office based in Lambert. 
  7. Flight Cancellation: Concerns related to ticket cancellation like its procedures, associated fees, and timing can be known via the Lambert Office.
  8. Wi-Fi Onboard: The United Airlines Office in Lambert gives information on whether or not Wi-Fi is provided on board. 
  9. Check-in Queries: Its office in Lambert provides information on the designated flight check-in counter and its starting/closing hours.
  10. Lounge Services: To inquire about the operating hours of lounges, entry costs, available facilities, etc., the executives of the airline’s office in Lambert are helpful. 
  11. Flight Delays: This Lambert-based office assists passengers by providing prior information on delayed flights, if any. 
  12. Visa-on-Arrival: The Lambert Office handles queries related to visas on arrival with ease. 
  13. Airport Facilities: Should flyers need to know about the available facilities at the designated airport terminal, then the Lambert Office should be contacted. 
  14. In-flight Food: The United Lambert Office can be responsive to queries regarding the availability of meals on board. 
  15. Duty-Free Allowance: At this office in Lambert, the concerns on duty-free allowance can be solved. 
  16. OK to Board: Through this airline’s office in Lambert, passengers can obtain knowledge of the procedures related to OK to Board. 
  17. Economy Class: Whether Economy class tickets are refundable or not can be cleared by approaching the Lambert office of the airline.
  18. Airport Transfers: The Lambert Office handles inquiries related to airport transfers. 
  19. United Miles: Travelers can count on this office located in Lambert regarding the details on miles. 
  20. Delayed/Lost Baggage: When the luggage is missed or delayed at the airport, flyers can reach out to this Lambert office for help. 
  21. Valet Parking: They can gain information on valet parking, such as its active hours, cost, and more at the United Airlines Office in Lambert. 
  22. Meet & Greet Queries: Any concerns related to Meet & Greet can be resolved with ease by approaching the Lambert Office.
  23. Airport Wi-Fi: The Lambert Office provides help regarding queries on available airport Wi-Fi facilities.
  24. International Travel: Concerns related to international travel requirements can be easily cleared at the Lambert Office of United. 

Location & Directions to the United Airlines Lambert Office

Importantly, the United Airlines Lambert Office map functions like a handy tool. By using this map, passengers can get directions to find out the exact location of the Lambert office to connect with United representatives. Travelers can also check the distance from their location through this map.

By connecting with the United Airlines Lambert Office, travelers will be provided with an extensive range of services. Whether it is booking, flight status, or refunds, the representatives will answer the related queries too. The team at this office aims to provide prompt solutions to make travel experiences better.


Where is the United Airlines office in Lambert?

This office is situated in 10701 Lambert International Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63145.

How do I contact the United Airlines Lambert Office via phone?

Flyers can dial +13148901333 to contact this office for their queries and concerns.

Can I contact the United Lambert Office for booking-related queries?

Yes, this office can be contacted when booking and other related issues have to be resolved.

Does the Lambert Office of United Airlines provide flight status details?

Passengers can count on the Lambert office to know the current/updated flight status.