Scoot Airlines holds a wide presence globally including in Jeddah. Here, the Scoot Airlines Jeddah Office regulates flight/travel services. For flight booking or other travel services, one can go to this office for assistance. Fliers can connect with it in different ways to learn more about the services or get information about other aspects.

Scoot Airlines Jeddah Office Address and Contact Details

To contact the executives at the Jeddah Office of Scoot Airlines, a flier should keep certain contact details handy.

Alaska Airlines Jeddah Office Address:
G622+88X, Al-Baghdadiyah Al-Sharqiyah, Jeddah 22241, Saudi Arabia
Alaska Airlines Jeddah Office Contact Number:+966920003777
Alaska Airlines Jeddah Office Email
Alaska Airlines Active Hours:24/7

Scoot Airlines Headquarters Address and Contact Details

From the headquarters, Scoot Airlines regulates its various travel operations and flight services. Primarily, it facilitates travel processes. This body also manages the global schedules of its flights.

Scoot Airlines Headquarters Address:
4 Airline Road, Changi Airport, Jeddah 819825
Scoot Airlines Headquarters Phone Number:+65 6329 1420 (For support in Mandarin and English)
Scoot Airlines Headquarters Active Hours:Twenty-four hours, 7 days a week

How Do You Contact the Scoot Airlines Jeddah Office?

With Scoot Airlines, passengers will get various convenient modes to connect. The Jeddah Office is reachable offline. Besides, one can get in touch with its team online via several devices to find prompt solutions or information.

Connecting with Scoot Airlines Jeddah Office Online

Online contact modes are the best way to speak with the officials of the Jeddah Office of Scoot Airlines. Available 24/7, a flyer can get easy connectivity through these modes.

Here are the web-based contact options:

  • Email: Flyers can fill out the email form available on the official website of this airline. It will help connect with the Scoot Airlines Jeddah Office for queries and requests.
  • Social Media: Presence on different social media platforms allows fliers to connect with the Scoot Airlines executives at the Jeddah Office. They can chat with the officials and find adequate solutions for their ongoing issues.
  • M.A.R.V.I.E.: For a live chat with Scoot, one should access M.A.R.V.I.E. This is a chatbot that one can utilize to speak to the airline’s Jeddah Office. Kindly note that this live chat option is within access 24/7. For support in English though, it is available between 9:00 A.M. and 11:00 P.M. (GMT) from Monday to Sunday.

Contacting the Jeddah Office of Scoot Airlines Offline

For offline assistance, travelers can contact the Scoot Airlines office team in Jeddah in person. The airline provides some direct ways to its travelers so that they can establish a direct connection.

These modes of contact include:

  • Phone Calls: The phone lines of Scoot Airlines are open 24/7. Hence, travelers can speak to the Jeddah Office at their convenience. The executives of this division will help them plan their journey well.
  • Office Visit: For personalized assistance, heading to the Jeddah Office of Scoot is ideal. Its team members are capable of answering any booking or travel queries.

Scoot Airlines Jeddah Office Response Time

In the case of written complaints, Scoot Airlines typically takes a certain duration to respond. This is because the team needs time to investigate matters. Afterward, it shares satisfactory answers. It may take up to 30 days to acknowledge a matter and 60 days to reply to the same. Immediate responses to queries are otherwise available at the office in Jeddah or on call.

Which Queries & Complaints Does the Scoot Airlines Jeddah Office Handle?

The Jeddah Office of Scoot is capable of addressing different travel queries/complaints. One can get in touch with it to obtain suitable solutions. Whether a traveler needs details about the status of previous complaints or is dealing with a new issue, he/she can trust this body.

Here is the list of queries and complaints that this team manages:

  • Reservations
  • Travel deals
  • Cancellations
  • Trip check-in
  • Baggage allowance
  • Carry-on baggage allowance
  • Lost baggage
  • Delayed or damaged luggage
  • Refunds
  • Delayed flights
  • Cancelled or diverted flights
  • Travel classes
  • ScootPlus
  • Wi-Fi services
  • Payment issues
  • Fees and fares
  • Meals and snacks
  • ScootSurance
  • Boarding issues
  • Travel queries
  • Flight schedule
  • Seat or cabin upgrade
  • Visa and immigration issues
  • Car rental services
  • Kids travel
  • Corporate bookings
  • Pet travel
  • Hotel booking
  • KrisFlyer

How Do You File a Complaint to the Scoot Airlines Jeddah Office?

Filing a complaint to the Scoot Airlines Jeddah Office is an easy process. The carrier provides online as well as offline modes for this purpose. For quick complaints, fliers can make the best use of social media and the feedback form available on the carrier’s official website. Otherwise, one can visit/call the nearest city office in this region.

Following up on Complaints

To follow up on complaints, a flier can approach the Jeddah Office team of Scoot. Besides, using social media handles, the M.A.R.V.I.E. chatbot, and contact numbers are also handy ways to check the complaint’s current status.

Share Feedback/Suggestions

Offering a good experience to the passengers is one of the objectives of Scoot Airlines. For this, the air operator makes every endeavor it can. For constant improvements, it can invite fliers’ suggestions and feedback. To share these, fliers can use social media, phone numbers, and the city office address. Lastly, they can fill out the Feedback Form.

Services and Information Provided by Scoot Airlines Jeddah Office

The Scoot Airlines Jeddah Office offers services to facilitate comfortable travel for its passengers. Be it pre-flight or post-flight, the carrier has facilities to make a journey smooth. Through these, individuals can customize their experiences as per their particular requirements.

To know about the following services and get information regarding these, one can contact the representatives of this office:

  • Route map
  • Cabin classes
  • Fares and fees
  • Flight booking
  • Check-in options
  • Baggage facilities
  • Meals and snacks
  • Lounge access
  • Parking
  • Frequent flyer program
  • Pokemon Air Adventure flights
  • HighFlyer for Business
  • Special travel deals
  • Easy upgrades
  • KrisFlyer
  • Group bookings
  • Special assistance
  • KrisFlyer UOB

Location & Directions to the Scoot Airlines Jeddah Office

The map is similar to a tool to find the location of the Scoot Airlines Jeddah Office. Available on the official website of the airline, passengers can get to know several other location-specific aspects via this map. They can utilize it to find the shortest and the best route, directions, and distance from their current location.

To ensure maximum satisfaction, the officials of Scoot Airlines at the Jeddah Office make excellent endeavors. They offer various services to manage bookings and have a smooth transition. To contact this team, one can use the web-based and offline modes. It will provide them with the help they need.


What is the location of the Jeddah Office of Scoot Airlines?

The city office of Scoot is located at G622+88X, Al-Baghdadiyah Al-Sharqiyah, Jeddah 22241, Saudi Arabia.

What is the contact number of the Scoot Airlines Jeddah Office?

+966920003777 is the contact number of the Scoot Airlines Office in Jeddah.

Can I connect with the Scoot Airlines Jeddah Office 24/7?

Yes, via the M.A.R.V.I.E. chatbot, one can connect with the Jeddah Office of Scoot 24/7.

How quickly does the Jeddah Office of Scoot Airlines respond to queries?

The Jeddah Office of Scoot generally responds within 60 days of receiving complaints.

Can I submit online feedback to the Scoot Airlines Office in Jeddah?

Fill out the feedback form on the website of Scoot to share feedback with the Jeddah Office.