Dreaming of soaring through the clouds towards the Land of the Rising Sun? Look no further than Japan Airlines Sydney Office, your gateway to an unforgettable journey infused with Japanese refinement and impeccable service. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time explorer, our dedicated team in Sydney is here to ensure your trip is seamless and extraordinary.

Japan Airlines Sydney Office Address and Contact Details

Whether you’re planning your dream trip, need support managing your flight, or want to tap into exclusive JMB offers, the Japan Airlines Sydney Office is your one-stop shop. Japan Airlines ensure your journey unfolds smoothly and seamlessly, so you can focus on creating unforgettable memories in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Japan Airlines Sydney Office Address:
22 Market St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Japan Airlines Sydney Office Phone Number:+61 1800 531 870
Japan Airlines Email Address:jal_priority@ask.jal.co.jp

Japan Airlines Headquarters Address and Contact Details

While booking flights or managing reservations are best handled through regional offices or online platforms, knowing the headquarters’ address and contact details can be a valuable asset for those seeking a more strategic or in-depth engagement with Japan Airlines.

Japan Airlines Headquarters Address:
Shinagawa Intercity Building, 2-10-1 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0074, Japan
Japan Airlines Headquarters Contact Number:+81 3-5462-6111
Japan Airlines Website:https://www.jal.co.jp/uk/en/

Queries Handled by Japan Airlines Sydney Office

It’s important to note that the office may not be able to handle all queries directly. Some issues may need to be escalated to Japan Airlines headquarters or other departments for resolution. However, the staff will be happy to assist you in any way they can and direct you to the appropriate resources.

  • Flight booking and modifications
  • Selecting seats and special requests
  • Group booking and corporate travel solutions
  • JMB inquiries and redemption
  • Fare information and promotions
  • Information on travel packages and tours
  • Partnerships with local tourism stakeholders
  • Real-time flight status updates
  • Visa and pre-departure guidance
  • Baggage allowance and handling assistance
  • Lounge access and airport services
  • Special assistance for disabilities
  • Feedback and complaints
  • Contact details for other regional offices or headquarters

Japan Airlines Sydney Office Map

Planning your trip with Japan Airlines? Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time flyer, knowing your way around the Sydney office can make your journey smoother and more relaxed. Here’s a quick guide to help you navigate the map.

Unforgettable journeys begin at the Japan Airlines Sydney Office. From booking your dream flight, our dedicated team is here to ensure every step is effortless. Soar through the clouds with unparalleled Japanese hospitality, experience the magic of Asia, and let your adventure unfold. Your gateway to Japan awaits. Contact us today and let’s make it happen!


Where is the Japan Airlines Sydney Office located?

The Japan Airlines Sydney Office is located at 22 Market St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia.

How can I contact the Japan Airlines Sydney office?

You can contact the  Japan Airlines Sydney office by phone +61 1800 531 870.

Can I book flights at the Japan Airlines Sydney office?

Yes, you can book flights at the office. They offer various booking options, including online, phone, and in-person at the airport.

Can I modify my existing booking at the Japan Airlines Sydney office?

Yes, you can modify your existing booking at the office. They can help you change dates, times, or routes, upgrade seats, and purchase additional services.

What happens if my flight is cancelled or delayed?

The office will assist you in rebooking your flight or finding alternative arrangements if your flight is cancelled or delayed.

How can I get feedback or make a complaint?

You can provide feedback or make a complaint by calling the office, sending an email, or filling out a form on their website.