The Himalaya Airlines Shenzhen Office is approachable to find information on travel services and resolve the related concerns. It offers multiple methods to its fliers so that they can quickly connect for professional responses. They can choose to get in touch with the officials via phone calls. Email IDs and office visits are also reliable modes to contact this team for clearing various concerns including bookings, cancellations, refunds, etc.

Himalaya Airlines Shenzhen Office Address/Contact Information

It is important to know that the Himalaya Airlines Shenzhen Office address, phone number, etc., are the quickest ways to get in touch with its professionals. Through such information, flyers can obtain assistance for queries/issues.

This table consists of the essential contact details of this body of officials:

Himalaya Airlines Shenzhen Office Address:JRP7+PRQ, Baoan, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China
Himalaya Airlines Shenzhen Office Phone Number:8675523456789
Himalaya Airlines Shenzhen Office Email

Himalaya Airlines Headquarters and Contact Information

Fliers can contact the Shenzhen office of Himalaya Airlines for common issues and concerns. However, the core team of this carrier is a trusted body for fliers to seek extensive guidance for specific issues. In case a query is unanswered by the Shenzhen office, he or she can contact the headquarters for further assistance. To obtain more details, a flier can consider the following:

Himalaya Airlines Headquarters Address:Himalaya Airlines Pvt. Ltd., Head Office Gairidhara – 2, Kathmandu, Nepal, P.O. Box. 20299
Phone Number:+977 1 4004000+977 1 4004090
FAX Number:+977 1 4004098

Which Complaints/Issues Does the Himalaya Airlines Shenzhen Office Manage?

At the Himalaya Airlines Shenzhen Office, the representatives try their level best to fix the major or minor concerns that passengers have. They have the necessary skills and expertise to address travel-related complaints. Responding to pre and post-travel issues in no time is their notable aspect.

This division has an expert team that manages a range of queries and complaints inclusive of the ones mentioned below:

Flight bookingTicket cancellationsIn-flight services
Special dealsManage reservationsBaggage allowance
BoardingSpecial assistanceFreight booking
Check-inAdditional servicesTravel classes
RefundsIn-flight entertainmentPet travel
Flight scheduleCharter flightsUnaccompanied minors travel

How Do You Report Complaints to the Himalaya Airlines Shenzhen Office?

To help fliers report a complaint, Himalaya Airlines’ Shenzhen Office offers easy modes to contact. One can use the online mode i.e. mailing to send queries. Alternatively, a flier can opt for offline methods to get in touch with the officials. These include phone calls and office visits.

Method 1: By Sending Emails

Sending email to the Himalaya Airlines Shenzhen Office to is the best and quickest way when a passenger wants to keep everything documented while complaining.

Method 2: Through Phone Calls

Although the airline’s office tries to offer a memorable journey, fliers can report any unexpected event by dialing the 8675523456789 of this carrier.

Method 3: Visit the Shenzhen Office

In case a traveler needs individual assistance or personalized solutions, she/he can head to the Himalaya Airlines’ Shenzhen Office address: JRP7+PRQ, Baoan, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China.

  • Passengers should connect with a Himalaya Airlines executive at the Shenzhen office.
  • Elaborate the entire issue faced during or after the journey.
  • Submit the required documents, if asked.
  • The executive will provide travelers with bespoke solutions.

After the submission of the ongoing concerns, fliers should know the complaint’s status. A flier can use the customer care number of Himalaya Airlines. One can also visit the nearest Shenzhen office to learn about the current status of the complaint. Moreover, the above-listed methods of contact are useful for sharing feedback.

Location and Directions to Reach the Himalaya Airlines Shenzhen Office

Using the Himalaya Airlines Shenzhen office map is the most effortless way to know its route. One can make the best use of this tool to find the right direction for reaching here. Lastly, it can help identify the best mode of transportation to reach and connect with the officials at this office.

List of Himalaya Airlines Offices.

To Sum UpReaching out to the Shenzhen Office of Himalaya Airlines is suggested to clear concerns and have a pleasant experience. One can use the phone numbers, email ID, FAX, or go to its address for assistance. The team at this office is capable of resolving all pre and post-departure/arrival queries.


What is the Himalaya Airlines Shenzhen Office address?

The address of the Shenzhen office of Himalaya Airlines is JRP7+PRQ, Baoan, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China.

What is the Himalaya Airlines Shenzhen Office email address?

Himalaya Airlines’ Shenzhen Office email ID is

What is the Himalaya Airlines Shenzhen Office phone number?

The contact number to connect with the Shenzhen office of Himalaya Airlines is 8675523456789.