The EVA Air Clark Office is one of the bodies that focuses on improving customers’ experiences. To achieve the same, it offers travel services and information to fliers, inclusive of baggage, booking, check-in, refunds, etc. To reserve these services or avail of information, fliers can connect with EVA Air’s Office in Clark through mediums such as its phone number and address.

EVA Air Clark Office Address and Contact Details

To connect with the Clark Office of EVA Air, it is important to have the necessary details. Essentially, these include the location address, phone number, and operational hours/days.

EVA Air Clark Office Contact Number:+63455983120
EVA Air Clark Office Address:
CRK Airport Road, Zone, Clark Freeport, Mabalacat, Pampanga, Philippines
EVA Air Clark Office Active Hours:8:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. (Local Time)
EVA Air Clark Office Operational Days:Monday to Friday

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EVA Air Headquarters Address and Contact Details

The EVA Air Headquarters centrally handles all major travel operations. A highly efficient team is available here to streamline its processes. To get in touch with the headquarters for information regarding these operations, consider using the following details:

EVA Air Headquarters Address:
EVA Air Head Office, 376, Hsin-Nan Rd., Sec. 1,  Taoyuan International Airport, Luzhu, Taoyuan City, Taiwan
EVA Air Headquarters Phone Number:+886 33515151
EVA Air Email

How Do You Contact the EVA Air Clark Office?

As a passenger-centric airline, EVA Air offers various ways to assist travelers in connecting with it. The online mediums are available for international and domestic fliers to resolve their queries. Additionally, they can get the assistance they need through offline contact mediums.

Connecting with EVA Air Clark Office Online

Online ways are ideal to receive important information regarding flight booking, status, check-in, and more. The Clark Office of EVA Air provides the following ways to connect with it:

  1. Using the Website: By using its official website, it is possible to speak to the EVA Air Clark Office.
  2. Via the Application: EVA Mobile is the app using which fliers can contact the airline’s Office in Clark.
  3. On Social Media: The social media handles are available to connect with the executives of EVA Air in the Clark Office.

Contacting the Clark Office of EVA Air Offline

Passengers can approach the EVA Air Office in Clark offline. For this, they can use the city-specific contact numbers available on the official website of the airline. Apart from this, custom solutions are usually accessible by visiting the city or airport office of this airline.

EVA Air Clark Office Response Time

The airline, EVA, acknowledges the issues that passengers raise within 30 days. When it comes to the response time, the airline may take up to 60 days for it. In case a flier needs more help or is unable to check the status of complaints online, he/she can directly head to the Clark Office for details.

Which Complaints Does the EVA Air Clark Office Handle?

As part of its functions, the EVA Air Clark Office assists with a variety of complaints. Travelers can connect with the officials to register their complaints relating to bookings, cancellations, check-in, and so on. 

The other complaints that the Clark Office of the airline handles are:

  • Visa on arrival
  • Lounges
  • Immigration 
  • Airport transfers
  • EVA Air missed luggage
  • EVA Air missed luggage
  • Airport services
  • Infinity MileageLands
  • In-flight Wi-Fi
  • In-flight food
  • Duty-free allowance
  • EVA Air delays in flights
  • Ok to Board
  • Visa services
  • Business Class
  • Web check-in
  • EVA Air delayed and damaged baggage
  • In-flight entertainment
  • Economy class
  • Pet travel
  • Flight cancellation
  • Luggage allowance
  • Flight/Visa information
  • Airport Wi-Fi

How to File a Complaint to the EVA Air Clark Office?

Representatives at the EVA Air Office in Clark can respond to complaints timely and professionally. Travelers can contact them to file a complaint in relation to their travel. They can do so by contacting the office online/offline and following certain steps. 

  • Connect with the Clark Office: Use the contact numbers, social media handles, or EVA Air’s Clark Office for professional assistance regarding complaints.
  • Share the Necessary Details: The EVA Air executives at the Clark Office will ask the fliers to provide them with the necessary details about their concerns or issues. They can also collect important documents in relation to the issues.
  • Mention Passenger’s Details: To guide and assist passengers better, the EVA Air executives can require the following:
    • Passenger’s name
    • Booking Number
    • Other reservation details
    • Supportive documents
    • Complaint details

The Clark Office of EVA Air will verify the details and register the complaint. Additionally, it may inform the complainant passenger about the response time and more.

Follow-ups on Complaints

It is necessary to keep a check on the status of a complaint a passenger files. This is necessary to know if the office of EVA Air has replied to queries or whether they are still pending. The EVA Air Clark Office is approachable through the modes available to contact it. 

Moreover, passengers can use the following for complaints follow-ups:

  • They can visit the Clark office to check the status in person.
  • Passengers can dial the office number to know the current status of their complaints.
  • EVA Air is available on different social media platforms. Passengers can use the same to connect with executives to follow up on their complaints. 

Share Feedback and Suggestions

EVA Air makes the proper use of passengers’ feedback and suggestions to make its services better. Additionally, the same is useful to improve its flight/travel operations. Travelers can share their feedback and suggestions on the basis of their experience through the following:

  • Communicate with the EVA Air Office in Clark to share experiences in person.
  • Fill in the feedback form available on the official website of EVA Air. It helps in giving suggestions and feedback to the airline’s office in Clark.
  • Social media handles are available for passengers to share their feedback and suggestions with this operator’s Clark Office. 

Services and Information Provided by EVA Air Clark Office

By connecting with the EVA Air Clark Office, passengers can receive comprehensive information about different services. The areas the office covers include a flight’s current status, booking options, baggage facilities, cancellations, and so on.

  1. Ticket Booking: The Clark Office of EVA Air is an important source of information regarding booking options. Travelers can also book tickets for their destinations by seeking the help of this team.
  2. Current Status of the Flight: Having the new-age tools, the team of EVA Air at the Clark Office can give accurate details about flights’ current status in the least possible time.
  3. Baggage Information: Be it the baggage allowance or rules for adding an overweight/oversized bag, the Clark-based Office of EVA Air can be approached.
  4. In-Flight Amenities: To ensure a comfortable journey, EVA Air offers multiple in-flight amenities. The Clark Office is available when one has to learn about those facilities.
  5. Seat Assignments: EVA Air can assign seats at the time of booking or during check-in. In case the seat is not assigned, the Clark Office should immediately be informed for help.
  6. Upgrades to Seats: One can upgrade the seats on EVA Air to make travel even more comfortable. To upgrade the seats or receive in-depth information about the rules, restrictions, and fees, one can go to the Clark Office of the carrier.
  7. Refund Assistance: The EVA Air Office in Clark provides proper guidance and support to make refund requests. Along with refund eligibility, travelers can get information about delays in receiving the amount back.
  8. Lounge Access: EVA Air offers lounges at specific airports. To get information about lounges available in Clark, the city office is apt for a visit.
  9. Travel of Kids: To ensure a comfortable journey for kids, EVA Air has a policy in place. For complete information about the facilities it offers, fliers can contact the Clark Office of this carrier.
  10. Unaccompanied Minors Travel: Young passengers between the ages of 5 and 12 years can travel alone. To help them, EVA Air reserves seats in Business Class. The details about the same are usually available at the Clark Office.
  11. Traveling While Pregnant: EVA Air offers special services to make the travel of pregnant women safe and comfortable. Some rules are important for pregnant women to follow as they fly with this airline. For information on rules as well as restrictions, they can go to the EVA Air Clark Office.
  12. Service Dogs Travel: This airline accepts fully-trained and psychiatric service animals i.e. dogs. However, the travel should be as per the policy given. Passengers can go to the Clark Office of EVA Air for detailed information.
  13. Disability Assistance: Fliers with special needs can expect additional services and support when traveling to or from Clark. The travelers must contact the city office of EVA Air to notify the team in advance for help. 

Which Queries Does the EVA Air Clark Office Handle?

At the EVA Air Office in Clark, the members make the best use of their experience, knowledge, and skills for addressing queries of fliers. This team is apt to handle different issues of domestic as well as international fliers.

Below are the queries that the staff of the Clark Office efficiently handles:

  1. Booking Issues: The Clark Office is approachable to get solutions for doubts in relation to EVA Air travel services.
  2. Ticket Cancellation: At the Clark Office, the representatives can manage EVA Air flight cancellations and other queries.
  3. Baggage Concerns: Be it delays in baggage, damages, or concerns regarding lost items, every single query is manageable for the EVA Air team present at the Clark office.
  4. Flight Status: When a passenger is unable to check the status of the flight, he/she should talk to the EVA Air Clark Office for answers.
  5. Flight Cancellations/Delays: To inquire about the compensation given for delayed or canceled flights, fliers must contact the Clark office of EVA Air.
  6. Manage Booking: For queries and doubts about managing bookings, one can get in touch with the EVA Air’s team at the Clark office.
  7. Group Bookings: Whether a flier wants to know the maximum number of passengers for group bookings or other rules regarding this service, he/she can head to the Clark Office of EVA Air.
  8. Check-In Issues: Difficulties arising during the initiation of online or offline check-in are manageable at the EVA Air Office in Clark.
  9. Lounge Access: The Clark Office team of EVA Air can resolve lounge access queries such as active hours, applicable fees, amenities, and more.
  10. In-Flight Wi-Fi: All complexities that travelers face while using in-flight Wi-Fi can easily be answered by the EVA Air’s team at the Clark Office.
  11. Airport Wi-Fi: The Clark Office team is capable of clearing issues that relate to the airport Wi-Fi and its connectivity.
  12. Parking: To get help with parking queries, travelers can prefer to call the Clark Office team of EVA Air.
  13. Special Services: All special services and doubts about these are effectively handled by the team of the Clark Office of EVA Air.

Location & Directions to the EVA Air Clark Office

To locate the directions to reach the EVA Air Clark Office, the map is the best to utilize. This is the best way to know the location along with other relevant details such as the duration one needs to visit this body.

Other EVA Airlines Offices

The EVA Air Office in Clark is committed to improving the travel experience of fliers. For this, multiple services are accessible to them through this office. From flight booking to special assistance, the team of officials will also guide them with their issues and queries.


Where is the Clark Office of EVA Air?

The address of EVA Air Clark Office is CRK Airport Road, Zone, Clark Freeport, Mabalacat, Pampanga, Philippines.

What is the EVA Air Clark Office contact number?

Travelers can dial +63455983120 to contact the Clark Office of EVA Air.

What are the active hours of the EVA Air Office in Clark?

The office of EVA Air in Clark opens between 8:30 A.M. and 5:30 P.M., Monday-Friday.

Can the Clark Office of EVA Air handle reservations?

Yes, the Clark Office of EVA Air can easily manage reservations and related issues.

How to locate the Clark Office of EVA Air?

The map is useful for finding the accurate location of the EVA Air Office in Clark.

What is the response time of the EVA Air Clark Office?

EVA Air Clark Office takes up to 60 days to provide answers to complaints.

How to register a complaint with the Clark Office of EVA Air?

File a complaint through an online form, by calling, or by visiting the Clark office of EVA Air.

Does the Clark Office of EVA Air assist with cancellations?

Yes, the Clark Office of EVA Air offers assistance for cancellations.

Can I contact the EVA Air Clark Office for check-in queries?

The Clark Office members of EVA Air can be trusted for check-in-related queries.

Does the Clark Office of EVA Air provide airport Wi-Fi assistance?

Yes, airport Wi-Fi issues can be managed at the Clark-based Office of EVA Air.