Etihad is a passenger-friendly air operator. It has offices in cities like Douala, working towards improving customer satisfaction. In this city, the Etihad Airways Douala Office is reliable as the team of this division aims to provide timely services for a positive travel experience.

Its services include offering assistance with booking, flight status, cancellation, baggage, check-in, etc. To get in touch with the Douala Office of Etihad, passengers can use contact details such as the address, 24/7-accessible phone number, email ID, social media, and chatbot.

Etihad Airways Douala Office Address and Contact Details

The Douala Office is responsible for managing travel services and queries relating to the same. To connect with this office, below are the details one can use:

Etihad Airways Douala Office Phone Number:+237233423577
Etihad Airways Douala Office Address:
35 Ave des Cocotiers, Douala, Cameroon
Etihad Airways Active Hours:24/7
Etihad Airways Email ID for Media and Related

Etihad Airways Headquarters Address and Contact Details

Across the globe, the headquarters of Etihad Airways is responsible for streamlining operations. A team of highly efficient members sits here to help passengers with specific issues. To contact the members, travelers can use the following details:

Etihad Airways Head Office Address:
Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH), Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Etihad Airways Head Office Phone Number:600 555666 (within the UAE) +971600 555666 (For other locations)
Etihad Airways Active Hours:24/7
For Etihad Holidays:800-23-24 (available between 8:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M., Monday-Sunday)

How Do You Contact the Etihad Airways Douala Office?

To contact the Etihad Airways Douala Office, both online and offline modes are available. Depending on the needs as well as convenience of the international/domestic passengers, they can choose a mode to connect with the airline’s representatives.

Connecting with Etihad Airways Douala Office Online

The airline, Etihad, offers numerous easy and direct online methods to its fliers so that they can conveniently establish contact with the Douala Office. By opting for these methods, travelers can get immediate answers to certain queries such as flight status, booking management policies, and more.

  • Compose an Email: Travelers can write and send their queries on the Etihad Airways email ID to get responses from the office in Douala.
  • Chatbot: The website of Etihad Airways has an online chatbot to connect with its executives in the Douala Office. Fliers can go to the site to seek guidance and assistance for their concerns.
  • Social Media: Travelers can get in touch with the Etihad Airways Douala Office through social media handles.

Contacting the Douala Office of Etihad Airways Offline

In case a passenger requires in-person help, she/he can opt for offline methods to talk to the executives at the Douala Office of Etihad Airways. The following offline options are available for the same: 

  • Phone Calls: Etihad Airways has easy-to-connect contact numbers for different regions including Douala. Passengers can call on those numbers for queries and concerns.
  • Office Visit: Fliers can head to Etihad Airways’ Douala-based office to learn about the policies and other travel-related concerns.

Etihad Airways Douala Office Response Time

Within 30 days in writing, the Etihad Airways Douala Office can acknowledge the complaints in relation to the air travel services. When it comes to the response time, the team provides substantive answers within 60 days of receiving the complaint.

Which Complaints Does the Etihad Airways Douala Office Handle?

The Douala Office of Etihad Airways handles different complaints regarding in-flight, post-flight, and airport services. Knowing the same will help passengers connect with the team during several situations. 

Certain complaints that this team addresses are as follows:

  • Visa on arrival
  • Ok to Board
  • Visa services
  • Airport transfers
  • Duty-free allowance
  • Etihad Airways meals on-demand
  • Etihad Airways missing luggage
  • Visa information
  • Economy class
  • Airport facilities
  • Airport Wi-Fi
  • Kids and family travel
  • Lounges
  • Etihad Airways cancellations
  • Baggage allowance
  • Etihad Airways online/web check-in
  • Immigration services
  • Business Class
  • Baggage delays/damages
  • Etihad Miles
  • Flight delays 
  • In-flight entertainment
  • In-flight Wi-Fi
  • Vacation Packages

How to File a Complaint to the Etihad Airways Douala Office?

Connecting with the Etihad Airways Douala Office online/offline for filing complaints is easy and quick. The team members in this division ensure prompt and accurate responses to the same. Fliers can speak to them to register complaints regarding previous/current travel experience. It includes booking and other relevant aspects i.e. cancellation, baggage, etc.

  • Get in Touch with the Douala Office: First, to file a complaint, fliers should contact the Douala Office of Etihad Airways. To do so, they can use phone numbers, chatbots, social media, or the city office address.
  • Informing About the Complaint: Once the passengers connect with the Douala Office of Etihad, they can mention their concerns/experiences to the executives.
  • Providing Necessary Details: To continue filing a complaint, the Etihad executive will ask the passenger to share some necessary details such as:
    • Full name (or the name on the ticket)
    • Booking details
    • The reason behind the complaint
    • Supportive documents/papers if any

Once the passenger provides these details/documents, the executive will continue to register the complaint. Additionally, he/she can give a receipt to acknowledge the same.

Follow up on Complaints

Keeping a check on the status of the complaint submitted is important. This will help passengers manage their complaints and get further assistance in case they require it. For this, Etihad Airways provides its passengers with several ways including the following ones:

  • Travelers can go to the city office i.e. Douala Office and ask the Etihad representative directly about the current status of their complaints.
  • This airline’s representatives on social media can answer such follow-up queries. 
  • Fliers can dial the customer service number to follow up on their complaints.

Share Feedback and Suggestions

A flier may want to provide feedback to the Etihad Airways Douala Office regarding his or her experience. Or, he/she may want to give a suggestion about the services of this carrier. Such fliers can do so with ease. The Etihad Airways Douala Office welcomes suggestions/feedback in different ways. 

Below are the mediums to use to share feedback/suggestions with the Douala Office of Etihad:

  • Travelers can visit the official site and fill out the feedback form to share their thoughts with the Office in Douala.
  • To give feedback and suggestions to the Douala Office, they can use the social media platforms of Etihad Airways.
  • Passengers can choose to visit the Douala Office to provide Etihad Airways with their valuable feedback.
  • The region-specific phone numbers are available that passengers can use to share their feedback and suggestions.

Services and Information Provided by Etihad Airways Douala Office

The Etihad Airways office team combines its knowledge and skills to ease the transition from Douala to other locations. By doing so, generally, it provides fliers with instant information about bookings, flight status, refunds, and more.

Besides, the team also caters to several services. The list of these is as follows: 

  1. Reservations: The team of the Douala Office of Etihad Airways can offer information about the routes it covers. Additionally, it can help with the booking process.
  2. Cancellations: Be it cancellation methods or fees, the Etihad Airways Douala Office team is efficient enough to provide complete information about the same.
  3. Baggage: At the Douala Office, the Etihad Airways team can help with baggage and related aspects. The members can assist so that fliers can understand the baggage policy including the rules for extra/oversized/overweight baggage.
  4. Manage Booking: Be it choosing preferred seats or changing itineraries, Etihad Airways and its Douala office representatives can guide travelers to manage their bookings with ease.
  5. Upgrades: The Douala Office of Etihad Airways allows adding extras to the existing trip to make it more special and comfortable. Passengers can visit the city office for more details.
  6. Flight Status: To check the current flight status of Etihad Airways, passengers can contact the Douala Office. The team is capable of providing accurate information regarding flight schedules.
  7. Family/Kids Travel: Information as well as advice for traveling with kids is obtainable at the Douala office of Etihad Airways.
  8. Pet Travel: Etihad Airways allows pet dogs, cats, falcons, and service animals onboard. To know the rules for traveling to or from Douala, visit the city/airport office.
  9. Special Assistance: In Douala, special assistance for wheelchairs and other facilities is usually available to passengers with special needs. To avail of this service, customers can head to the city office of Etihad Airways.
  10. Seat Selection: One can connect with the Douala Office of Etihad Airways to reserve a seat as per one’s preference. Passengers can choose aisle or window seats as per their choice.
  11. Damaged and Delayed Baggage: By visiting the Douala Office, passengers can claim, track, or collect necessary details about their bags. Etihad Airways offers compensation for delayed as well as damaged bags.
  12. Visa and Immigration Assistance: The Etihad Airways Douala Office provides proper guidance for passport, visa, immigration, and other such aspects. The team also helps with visa applications.
  13. Lost and Found: Whether a passenger misplaces items on the flight or at the airport, he/she can collect details regarding compensation by visiting the Douala Office of Etihad.

Which Queries Does the Etihad Airways Douala Office Handle?

Domestic as well as international travelers can get solutions for their queries at the Etihad Airways Douala Office. The officials of this division are apt to provide quick responses to various queries. The assistance is obtainable for booking management and other services/facilities that this airline provides domestically/internationally.

Below are some queries that the Douala Office of Etihad Airways handles:

  1. Flight Booking Issues: The Douala Office of Etihad is a reliable body to find answers to queries relating to domestic and international booking concerns.
  2. Revocation of Tickets: The team of the Etihad Douala Office can efficiently manage cancellation queries and concerns.
  3. Booking Management: Professionals of the Etihad Douala Office can offer guidance for managing and changing existing bookings.
  4. Baggage Concerns: At the Douala Office of Etihad Airways, all baggage concerns i.e. damaged, delayed, and lost items are handled by the executives.
  5. Canceled and Delayed Flights: Any concern/query that emerges due to canceled or delayed flights can be reported at the Etihad Douala Office.
  6. Check-in Issues: When issues arise at the time of check-in, one should approach the Etihad Airways Douala Office for answers and assistance.
  7. Family/Kids Travel: Queries regarding family and kids travel booking are manageable at the Douala Office of Etihad.
  8. Vacation Booking Issues: Representatives of the Douala Office can assist passengers with concerns about the Etihad Vacation Packages.
  9. Lounge Access: Some routes of Etihad Airways may have lounge facilities. To know the eligibility for accessing these lounges, the Douala Office should be headed to.
  10. Parking Issues: Fliers/visitors can approach the Douala Office team of Etihad Airways to learn about vehicle safety, rules, and other concerns.
  11. Airport Wi-Fi: When a passenger undergoes issues while connecting with the airport Wi-Fi, she/he can report the same at Etihad’s Douala Office.
  12. Wi-Fi Issues: The team of Etihad Airways Douala Office can assist when issues relating to Wi-Fi services emerge.

Location & Directions to the Etihad Airways Douala Office

Passengers can use the map available on the website of Etihad Airways to know the location of the Douala Office. It is also a simple way to find directions and distance of this customer service division.

The objective of Etihad Airways is to ensure higher customer satisfaction. To achieve this, it has multiple offices. The Etihad Airways Douala Office also aims at keeping passengers satisfied. It is a reliable source to obtain the necessary information and address travel queries on time. 


What is the contact number of Etihad Airways Douala Office?

+237233423577 is the phone number of the Douala Office of Etihad.

Where is the Douala Office of Etihad Airways?

The address of Etihad Airways Douala Office is 35 Ave des Cocotiers, Douala, Cameroon.

When to contact the Douala Office of Etihad?

The team of Etihad Airways Douala Office is available 24/7 to provide help to fliers.

Does the Douala Office of Etihad make reservations?

Passengers can rely on Etihad’s Douala Office to get assistance in booking flights.

Does the Etihad Airways Douala Office handle online check-in issues?

Yes, the Douala Office is efficient enough to handle Etihad Airways’ online check-in issues.

How to complain about delayed baggage at the Etihad Douala Office?

Call/visit the Douala Office of Etihad to register a complaint about delayed baggage.

How to locate the directions of the Etihad Airways Douala Office?

Travelers can use the map of Etihad Airways to find the Douala Office directions.

Can I contact the Douala Office of Etihad for cancellations?

Yes, the Douala Office of Etihad can help passengers with cancellations.